The Decision

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If you could go back in time and change one decision you’ve made in your life – which decision would you change?

The Decision
A short film produced by Bruce Borowsky, Mike Scalisi, and Marc Sotkin.
12 minutes – 2015

The Decision is a unique collaboration between award winning writer-producer Marc Sotkin and the owners of Triple Threat Digital, Bruce Borowsky and Mike Scalisi. The film explores a question about our lives that we all think we’d like to face. But would we really?

The 12-minute film was made with no budget. Yes, you read that correctly. The only thing that cost money was the main prop, and lunch for the all-volunteer crew. The film was made as a labor of love, so it was extremely gratifying to have it accepted and shown at almost a dozen film festivals around the country. It especially meant so much to all of us to have it win the Best Drama award in Chicago!

Thanks to everyone who worked on the film, including:
Leia Thompson, Jason Bowen, Chad Headley, Matt Ender, Marguerite Taylor, Ben Kraus, Felipe Arredondo, Blair Pennington, Jesse Zimmerman, Judy Askins, Nick Boshinski, the Colorado Athletic Club, Sam & Cheryl Sussman of Eight Days a Week, Mark Venezia, Wind over the Earth, and Narayan, Sreejana and Trisha of Old Tibet.

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